We are here to assist you in every step of the pattern creation. 

  • Do you have a great quilt pattern idea, and want to self publish a pattern?
  • Are you looking for a quilt pattern made from your design, to make a very special quilt?
  • Are you a pattern designer and want very well looking diagrams for your patterns or a new look to you patterns files?

Take a look at every step you need to keep in mind to design a quilt pattern.

The Idea

Do you have an idea in your head, or a sketch, that is begging to be made into a quilt pattern?


We can help you with templates for FPP (foundation paper piecing), EPP (English paper Piecing, and template based quilts.

Diagrams Drawing

Do you have a pattern ready, but need help with the diagrams? We have the tools and the expertise to make professional images for your pattern.

Instructional Text

We can plan out the steps to make your pattern easy to follow. We have years of pattern design and testing to make your patterns flow well.

Pattern Design

We will take your idea and turn it into a full quilt pattern. 


We can expertly test your pattern before you publish. This will give you peace of mind, and a pieced quilt top.


Once your pattern is ready, we can add it to our pattern shop for a small commission. You can also sell patterns that we have not helped with on our website.

How we work


One step, some, or all! We will help you with exactly what you need to get your pattern ready. Choose from our á la carte menu or a complete package.


Good work is based on lots of feedback, so this will be the base of our relationship. It is your pattern and we will use great communication to make the best pattern for you.


We want you to have a perfect final product that shows off your design. Each pattern is unique and we will help yours shine. We make each pattern, diagram, and text individually.

All techniques: we can make your pattern reality in any technique.

Timing: Every step has a different timing. This will also depend on the complexity of each pattern.

Result: You will have as little or as much help as you need to have a quilt pattern that you are proud of.

Pricing: Our rates work as packages. We want you to know before starting just how much it will cost you to get the result that you are looking for. Every price step is based on an estimation of the time it will take us, and if you only want some steps, we have package options for you. if you don’t see exactly what you need, please ask.

StepWe needYou getTimingPrice
THE IDEA A hand drawing, a photo, etc If it's doable and how how we would do it. 3 days $25-$50
PIECING A drawing, a photo, etc. Piecing directions or templates to make the quilt. (no texts and diagrams) 7 days $150-$300
DIAGRAMS Piecing directions or templates to assemble your design. Formatted diagrams for the assembly instructions of your pattern. 7 days $100-$200
TEXTS Piecing directions or templates to assemble your design. Working instructional texts for assembly instructions 7 days $50-$100
PATTERN The piecing directions, diagrams an texts. Full file pattern with cover 14 days $150-$300
TESTING The pattern Pattern tech checking and/or photos of your completed top 7 days for tech checking and 30-45 days $100-$350
SELLING You patterns for sale. Digital format only. A place in our website for you selling your digital patterns. Anytime Our commission is 25% of the retail price

Choose one step or the ones you need and contact us!

Our Customers

We want you to be one of our happy customers!

Melissa is our first customer that asked us to do a fpp pattern from a photo of her dog. The result has been gorgeous and soon we will show it to you!
Melissa Belman

Any question! Contact us!

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